Water Softeners

DuMor Water Specialists, Inc. is your one stop shop when it comes to water treatment. As your local, independent Kinetico dealer, we offer the best and most economical water treatment equipment in the industry for all of your water concerns. Below are some of our most popular models. Call us today, or fill out a quick quote, to see which is the best fit for your water.


Great for city water or zero iron applications, this Kinetico non-electric twin tank conditioner will not only clean your water but will also save you from hours of cleaning and help to keep your hard earned money in your wallet.


As the most versatile and popular model, the K2060 is a great fit for most homes on both city or well water areas. This non-electric Kinetico conditioner will provide 24/7 soft water all while saving you time on cleaning and money in salt savings.


A standard, professional grade economical solution suitable for most homes. The Powerline water conditioner will power through hardness as well as some iron.

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