Leak Detection System

Can Your Home Sense a Leak in Seconds?

Leak and flood damage is one of the most common homeowner isurance claims. In fact, $8,000 is the average claim, often with high deductibles. Chances are, you or someone you know has suffered from a water leak causing….

  • Irreplaceable Loss
  • Expensive Damage
  • Extreme Frustration

Stop a problem before it starts, save money and time, and preserve your peace of mind with Kinetico. Rely on trained water experts to protect your home from the unthinkable.

A Leak Detection System from Kinetico simply make sense.

Kinetico has spent half a century focused on innovating the water treatment industry. And now we’ve teamed up with a leading leak detection developer to offer an award-winning, comprehensive and streamlined option for leak detection and damage prevention.

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